Dave Chapman

“Small Encounters”

Group sculpture show opens in the Tokonoma Space at

Studio Paran

Friday, January 25, 2013

5-9 pm


Madison WI –  five local artists explore material and concepts with small scale sculpture.  In this new exhibition, the artists use different media to explore their materials in a manner that is both playful and introspective.  ‘Sculpture’ is often associated with monumental and heroic statements, however this exhibition offers an alternative; intimate pieces displayed in an intimate space, the Tokonoma Gallery.  Tokonoma is an alternative exhibition space located in the glass blowing shop of Studio Paran [2051 Winnebago St, Madison, WI, 53704, (608) 242-1111]. The opening reception is January 25th 5-9pm and will run through March 22nd.

The exhibiting artists, Dave Chapman – wood, Thomas Ferrella – feathers, Aralina Ferrella – mixed media, Rachelle Miller – ceramics and Richard Jones – glass; have been personally engaged with their material selection over a long period of time, either functionally, in scale, or simply as a collection of objects for contemplation.  This experience emphasizes each work with a depth that is unexpected in this diminutive format.  Dave Chapman, whose main work consists of willow furniture taken into contemporary forms, says “it is a new body of work for me, done mostly like freeform sketching in my ‘down time’ between larger willow projects.”  Thomas Ferrella’s feather sculptures evolved from his obsession with the natural areas of Wisconsin. Rachelle Miller’s works are a departure from a successful line of functional ceramics. And, Richard Jones’s works explore glass windows and lenses in a miniature form after 25 year of making functional blown glass.

Rachelle Miller

Rachelle Milller

Thomas Ferrella

Thomas Ferrella

Araline Ferrella

Araline Ferrella


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