New project. Perceptibility

Last week I started work on a new project which is an outgrowth of my new collection of pieces titled Pedestals for art of the found world. Which are constructed starting with the conventions of foot and stem in goblets or candlesticks, but then topped not with a cup but a heavy cast platform, a globe, tube or other unconventional holder.   Their function is to elevate and honor those tiny bits of nature that we impulsively pickup, be it a worn pebble, torn leaf, or bleached bone. Having had a warm reception and  some engaging conversations around these pieces I decided to expand the concept into larger more sculptural pieces and arrived at the idea of a full on art instillation. Image

I have sent out an email request to some friend to provide me with contributions in the form of their found treasures, others I asked in person …….

Yesterday I received my first contributions in the mail


From Vermont came a bit of moss with little skirted seeds I am not able to identify, from Colorado, a white aspen leaf, and a local friend dropped off a box ( bottom right) with two seed pod and a skull. As I was photographing these another friend stopped by with this box of goodies



poppy seed pods, ammonite for a trip to Devon and a carapice from a turtle found in upstate NY

Thanks to Rose, Karen Kelli and Diana


online store


find link in right column

I am please to announce the opening of my  new online store, which features one of a kind hand blown glass not available elsewhere. For over 20 years Ive been selling my work through fine galleries, museum stores, and other excellent retailers across the country and around the world. Now you can buy directly from me, the artist, and each item is guaranteed to be a unique creation. I will be posting new items every couple days for the next month and them about every two weeks so stop by often or follow this blog for announcements of new item postings .

Hello world!

After all this time talking about writing a blog here I am with a blank slate and a blank head. Spring is coming and there are no seeds started as of yet. This is also a place to plant seeds. words, ideas, images..possibilities!!Although there is recent snow on the ground and a pile of ice where the snow mountain my kids play on use to be , next to it is a giant pussy willow budding out. I trimmed the broken branches off to force inside, and I”m waiting to see what opens.

Art is like a wonderful garden and talking or writing about art is like directions or a map to that garden. metaphors are our way of understanding the world, but really we ought to go stand it the garden wet with rain and throw away these crude maps